French for Kids

French for Kids

Little Pim French introduces your child to over 360 fundamental words and phrases your kids will want to repeat again and again. As your children discover the words for their favorite foods and feelings (and more!) in French, they are also learning the perfect native pronunciation. Use the videos as their first introduction to French and watch your kids progress!

French for Kids
  • French Volume 1 - Episode 1

    Follow Little Pim on his first journey! Teaching his first lesson on fruits, drinking and pronouns.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 2

    This episode will introduce your child to the spoons, forks and other items found around the dinner table.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 3

    In this episode Little Pim the panda will teach your child words encountered at breakfast. 

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 4

    Having eaten his breakfast, Little Pim gets hungry again and gets a bite to eat for lunch. Follow along as Little Pim and pals prepare lunch.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 5

    Who doesn't love cake? Join Little Pim and friends as they prepare a cake and also tackle words and phrases having to do with baking.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 6

    It's finally dinner time.  Teach your child the French names of items commonly found on the dinner table as well as accompanying desert.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 7

    Little Pim is furry and so are some of his pals.  This video will introduce your child to the French names of common household pets.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 8

    Hugs and kisses sure beat being woken up by an alarm clock. Join Little Pim and friends on their language learning journey going through phrases and words used to wake up each day.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 9

    What do you do in the morning? Get dressed, eat breakfast and go off to school with Little Pim as he teaches you the necessary French words and phrases.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 10

    Dreaming of a bed, blanket and pillow? Little Pim will teach you all the words you need to get some sleep.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 11

    Naps and snacks go together like peanut-butter and jelly. Learn vocabulary for getting up and for getting a snack.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 12

    They sit, bark, purr and sleep. Little Pim visits his fellow furry friends as they're sleeping and wake up to teach the French vocabulary needed when taking care of them.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 13

    There's a lot to in order to be ready for bed. Now you can add learning French to the routine as Little Pim teaches will teach you the words used when getting ready for bed.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 14

    Bed hair or no hair, Little Pim will teach you the French words and phrases needed for getting read after waking up from a nap or sleep.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 15

    Time for a play-date with Little Pim.  This video will teach you the French words for various colors, shapes and games.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 16

    Get some funky sunglasses and pose in front of a mirror. It's a sure-fire way to have fun all the while learning a second language with Little Pim.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 17

    Ready to go out and play? Learn French while playing out in the park, kicking around a ball and riding a bike.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 18

    Remember our four-legged furry friends from previous episodes? See them again and take the opportunity to revisit vocabulary for playing, dressing up and having fun.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 19

    Want to go to the park? Say so and take Little Pim with you as you continue your French learning journey. 

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 20

    Toys, rattles and harmonicas. Get introduced to the French names of toys and other items used to play.

  • French Volume 1 - Episode 21

    Have tea and watch Little Pim with your favorite imaginary friend. You'll be speaking French in no time.

  • French Volume 2 - Episode 1

    Little Pim the panda, Bob the bobcat and Lola the elephant will teach you vocabulary for things found around the house.

  • French Volume 2 - Episode 2

    Join Little Pim and pals as they go through the house learning words and making discoveries.

  • French Volume 2 - Episode 3

    Some people live in apartments and others in houses. Learn how we say doorbell, apartment and mailbox in French.