Spanish for Kids Volume 2

Spanish for Kids Volume 2

The Spanish language adventure continues with our second volume of Spanish videos! With this 21-episode 3-Pak, your child can learn over 180 new words and phrases in Spanish.

Episode List:
>>Theme: At Home
In My Room
Rooms in My House
Apartments and Houses
Cat and Dog Houses
In My Playroom
In the Attic
In, On and Under

>>Theme: Feelings
When I Feel Happy
When I Feel Sad
When I Feel Angry
When I Feel Surprised
Happy, Silly Dogs and Cats
When I Feel Shy
When I Feel Scared

>>Theme: Let's Count
Counting Parts of the Body
Counting Shapes
Counting in the Garden
Counting Cats and Dogs
Counting With Babies
Count and Play
Counting Treats

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Spanish for Kids Volume 2

21 Videos